The concept of Government-to-customer (G2C) has been explained in detail in this article:

The goal of government under the scheme of Government-to-customer (G2C) in e-governance is to render different information and communications technology (ICT) services to customer citizens in a cost-effective way.

The G2C model envisions the government as a service provider and the citizen as the customer. However, the objective of addressing the customers’ issue is the prime goal. The model is similar to a business and their customers. Customers can get their grievances redressed within the deadline. This brings transparency into the system, and provides clarity to the customers regarding their application for addressing the issue.

The utility services provided by government such as urban transport, the police, the armed services, protecting the natural resources, and the like are some of the examples where G2C model of e-governance finds application. As the service provider, the government assumes responsibility of providing the service efficiently, economically so it results in minimal negative impact.