Govt. to Citizen (G2C)

E-governance helps in engaging citizens with government and boosts their trust and relations between government citizens. This happens by making information dispersion and encouraging citizens in the processes of government by delivering services and at reasonable prices with efficiency, reliability and transparency.

E-governance encompasses communication between and government and the individual citizen. The services basic services for citizens such issue of licenses, issuing registration certificates for marriages, births, deaths, imparting essential services such as financial aid (old age pension, aid for the sick), for women belonging to weaker sections of the society.

Effective enforcement of e-governance is ensures interaction between governments and citizens and empowers the latter by providing them the services as they want them.  It helps better communication between citizens and government, citizens and businesses, and helps simplify the process improving democratic process. When the quality of democracy is higher, citizens are empowered with higher quality services from government and business. This will ensure citizens are in a better position to question the quality or otherwise from the service providers. Thus, e-governance enables citizens to get empowered and pressurize governments to get their grievances addressed.

Government to business (G2B)

Within the public realm, the G2B model of e-governance involves government agencies at different levels including Federal, State and Local. The Local Government includes the agencies such as municipalises, school districts, townships, special districts and other areas that are special recognized by the Government at each level, namely Federal, State and Local levels.

Businesses use e-governance platform for accomplishing search tasks including seeking contact information and so on. That is to extract business related information. Businesses also transact for different objective. This they do online. And, they also execute a third kind of activity, namely interacting with government. Thus, they look for a networking opportunity. They are driven by the motive of earning power, influence and controlling their market within the legitimate system of business. Networking opportunity comes in the form of blogs, or chatting at an e-government website. It is important to note here that the government as well as the participating businesses are equally responsible for the success of the transaction.

The success of the B2G model depends on the quality of business with respect their type of business, IT skills and experience, the type of the task (search, transaction, network) and level of government (Federal, State or Local).

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