Telangana Government’s E-Governance Initiatives

Telangana-egovernanceWith e-governance getting more popular because of the positive impact it brings in terms of project implementation, governments feel pressurized as well as consider it imperative to implement e-governance to enable people to receive the benefits of its services.
The overall objective of e-governance is to empower people with quality information and ensure easy access of its services for people. All this can be placed under digital empowerment, the umbrella term signifying the collection of all e-governance initiatives. The Government of Telangana launched Digital Telangana recently. The objective of the initiative is to make sure each citizen has access to all the digital facilities across the state. And, to digitally empower citizens to enable them to use the digital facilities and e-governance projects.

Telangana e-governance facilities

Telangana is a state known for its contribution to software exports. It’s also one of the leading states that extensively use information and communication technology to benefit people. E-governance initiatives by the government are likely to make the common people’s life easier, convenient and economical, apart from improving transparency and accountability.
Today, the state government has e-governance projects working in the service of people. Good examples include Mee-seva, State Resident Data Hub (TG-SRDH), Simple File tracking System, Online GO, Mobile based Monitoring System, and websites such as

State Resident Data Hub

The State Resident Data Hub ((TG-SRDH) is a coherent framework that enables a unique centralized data base of citizens. It acts as a singular source of truth for any resident’s information. The TG-SRDH integrates all the database from the departments and links them with Aadhaar number.

Telangana State Portal

The State government portal is the webpage for all-round, accurate and current information related to Government of Telanagana and their offices. With engaging landing pages, the webpage shows the diverse services offered by the State government for citizens and others. The portal also has links to State and Union government websites/portals so that it becomes easier for visitors to migrate from the current webpage.

Society for Telangana State Network (SOFTNET)

Society for Telangana Network (SOFTNET) replaces the erstwhile Society for AP Network (SAPNET), which has been renamed so. The society works via a satellite based communication network, taking the aid of ISRO and the Union government.
SOFTNET finds wide application in such areas as distance education, e-governance, agriculture extension, human reassure development etc. It provides tele-education for schools in remote areas and on continuous basis. This education facility helps deliver benefits to the economically and socially vulnerable sections throughout the state.

Telangana State Portal

Telangana State Portal presents a compendium of various measures taken by the State government. It presents a rich database for state culture, economy, geography and other aspects of the state.

Online GO

This is available at Just fill in the details, and you’ll get the GO in original. This is an easy and simple source to check for any GO issued by the State government.

Simple File Tracking system

This is a web-based application to check for the status of any government work file.


The various e-governance measures initiated by the government are going to make a positive impact on people. The most important thing is it would make the state government accountable and their work processes transparent. This is important to ensure the benefits of various measures reach the right target beneficiary.

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