UMANG: The New E-governance App 

Umang-appIn view of the growing number of smartphone users in India in urban as well as rural areas, and the government’s keen desire to keep in pace with the trend, a new mobile app called UMANG is being built.The app reportedly would be available in the closing month of this calendar year.
The name of the app UMANG is the acronym formed from the words ‘Unified Mobile App for New-age Governance’. This mobile app is going to be available in 12 Indian languages apart from English. As part of the Digital India program, UMANG is going to be a major e-governance vehicle in India. We’d discuss this app briefly in this article.


Using UMANG, people will be able to access e-governance services from governments at all levels: Union, State and Local level and their agencies on their smartphones. Anyone can check online for government services that are available.
A few services that would be available under UMANG are national scholarship, health care applications, Passport Seva, Nirbhaya, e-post, Crime and criminal tracking, Income tax, commercial tax/GST, IRCTC, E-Municipality, CBSE/State education boards, utility bill payment, Public Distribution System, e-Court, Transport Vahan/Sarathi, mother and child tracking, land records, and m-Kisan. There will be at least 50 services available to start with, and about 200 over the following three years.

The project

A large team of technical personnel: software experts, app developers, and government officials are working on the project. The team is reportedly planning to build the app such that it takes minimal real estate in your smartphone’s memory which will encourage maximum downloads and offer accessibility on budget smartphones as well. Once the app is downloaded into your mobile, you can get to know any service offered by the government at any moment.


The new mobile app UMANG is expected to be a high-performance one and is likely to bring all benefits to users, and is going to be an engaging app. The following services are going to be available under UMANG.

CBSE/State education boards

Examination results, queries on curriculum, submission of examination and other applications, and other issues that may be relevant can be addressed.

Utility charges

Payment of electricity, water charges, and any other charges as may be required to be paid by users are going to be easy. It would obviate the need to go to government offices to pay the bills.

Commercial tax filing

For traders and retailers, the app would detail the tax filing procedure and tax charges.

Local government

Under e-municipality, the app would enable authorities to expedite grievance redressal, ease the filing of property taxes and let tax payers easily know  the various regulations issued by local bodies from time to time.


The app would enable litigants, lawyers and officials of the judiciary to get court case details.


There are 905 million smartphone users in India, and of this, 70 million belong to rural areas. Given such huge numbers, the power of UMANG would be awesome! It is likely to bring government’s service to the doorstep. Services that have not been brought online before, have been brought onto the online platform and the existing services could be streamlined to make them more user-friendly.