Benefits of e-Office

Benefits_e-govImagine having access to an electronic file system that makes government machinery more streamlined and easier to access. e-Office has made it possible.
e-Office is a core mission mode project (MMP) under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), the umbrella e-governance plan of the government. The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances of India (DARPG) is implementing this project with the objective to improve the efficiency in government processes and to boost the mechanism of delivery of services.


e-Office aims to raise the operational efficacy of the government machinery by switching over to a “Less Paper Office”. That is, it replaces the erstwhile physical paper files with an electronic file system.

The objectives can be enumerated as follows:

How does it function?

e-Office improves the overall performance of a government office by working as an effective platform to enable the employee to individually, and securely access information anywhere internally via a web browser. Further, it ensures that access to data is strictly according to their job role alone.
Individual services are distributed and the employee gets alerts in the form of electronic notifications of the services and transactions.
The Knowledge Management System inherent in the e-Office allows employees to create documents online as they desire, and submit such documents for review at the next level. The employees can also store the documents online, or submit for publishing on the portal itself. With only one platform, the organization can collaborate, store and share documents in such a format as the need may be.

Benefits of e-Office

Workflow based

The system entails no paper filing and is based on the workflow. It facilitates streamlined passing of the work from one level to another.

Better security

It ensures better security because of digital signature certificate and encryption while transforming data from one user to another.

Role-based access

It ensures that only designated personnel have access to view/to edit/to receive, and thus protects files of confidential nature.


While working on files, authentication through username and password, along with digital signature, ensures file security.

Easy tracking

Files can be searched and accessed across the network.


With regard to pendency of designated category of files/receipts, employees get regular alerts.


Audit/movement of trail of files is transparent.


File standards and common repositories are in the form of record management, knowledge management system (KMS) and data management system (DMS).


It enables easy sending of messages, directory services and forum discussions to improve communication

No messengers

It eliminates the need of messengers to transfer files/receipts from one level to another.

MIS Report

e-Office facilitates the generation of management information system report, which enables officials to review the daily activities going on.


e-Office boosts the productivity and quality of service offered, and also strengthens transparency in the functioning of the government and its agencies. Over time, it will help government offices clear off all the old paper files. The transparency element keeps the officials at all levels easily traceable on a daily basis, and helps reduce the chances of corruption significantly.



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