India Tops in Global Digital Coding

global digitalAccording to a report by Barclays Bank, India has become the topper in a new global digital ranking in the areas of digital creation and coding. Significantly, India has toppled rivals such as Germany and Brazil.
According to Barclays Digital Development Index, India is far behind in broadband penetration and policy, but has made a big dent in “protecting data and devices” and “communication and collaborating”.
Barclays Digital Development Index, a global Index, compares 10 countries across the globe with respect to their preparedness to compete in the digital economy, and is looking into how the UK can improve its performance in areas where it’s currently not good.


  • At the individual level, the UK is behind its economic competitors, including India, China and the United States.
  • India got the 7th overall rank, and is at the lowest position in broadband penetration and policy. However, Indian tops in digital creation and coding.
  • While in the UK a meagre 16% of workers have the competence to build websites, the corresponding number is 37% for India and 39% for Brazil.
  • With regard to usage of password-making software that helps build secure logins, a mere 13% among those in UK use it, while the number is 32% for both India and China.
  • Countries such as Estonia and South Korea top in imparting employment/earning oriented skills in digital space.

How the index works

The survey measures the extent of a country’s “Individual Digital Empowerment” in employees. It does this by measuring their digital skills in six categories. These include basic and advanced researching and evaluating information, communication and collaboration, protecting device and data, creating and coding content, problem solving, and knowledge & attitude of the individual.
The scores of the individual digital empowerment are aggregated with the analysis of the policy structure and support that contribute to the digital skills in the individual country. The overall rank is then assigned.

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