Get to Know MyGov

MygovMyGov is a platform initiated by the Prime Minister of India to facilitate partnerships between citizens and government using technology for the growth and development of the country.


The objective of the initiative is to make citizens contribute towards good governance. This is made possible by using the ideas and suggestions from the bottom strata among the people. This enables citizens to participate in deliberations that could help shape opinion in favor of more effective policy implementation. MyGov intends to empower citizens to work in collaboration with the government.

How to join MyGov

To participate in the debate you need to register your name on You’ll be asked to furnish details including your name, email id, the skills you have and the issues on which you can provide your inputs. It’s important to note that the information furnished is protected against misuse, loss, disclosure, change or deletion.
Government employees with or email Ids can use the same id and there’s no need for furnishing any further details.
For the public, registration and sign up is possible on MyGov by furnishing your email ID and mobile number. For logging in, you can use your registered mobile or email id. Each time you log in, you’ll receive a one-time password or a link to your mobile or email as the case may be. In this case, you do not have to furnish the password. Or, you can sign in at MyGov website furnishing your username and password.

Modes of participation

You can participate in groups, by expressing your insight, polls, talks, or blogging on the topic of your interest. To participate in groups, you need to check and choose topics of public and national importance. You can become part of these groups and can give your views and proposals on these issues. Note that you can only be part of four groups at one time.

Why participate in MyGov?

MyGov is a distinct platform for engaging citizens through participatory governance.

  • Once you register yourself on MyGov, you’ll be able to share your views and opinions on issues of general public importance through discussions. You can also directly take part in governance initiatives that are mentioned on the portal.
  • Significantly, MyGov lets you take part in the initiatives taken by the government meant for greater public good, and allows you to express your opinion on policy measures of the Government. You need to engage yourself in discussions and contribute your opinion for policy formulation.
  • It is advised that you become an active participant in the governance process. You should be interested in taking part in policy formulation as well as their implementation. MyGov gives this opportunity by assigning group based individual task fixed for the purpose. You can take the tasks in the area of your discipline.
  • Successful completion of a task that you participate in will make you earn credit points and you’ll have a chance to share your ides with the Premier.
  • You can stay updated and not miss any point by regularly reading the blog in the portal. It’s an effective page that discusses the burning topics.
  • You can stay connected and engage with government organization by doing live chats. You can exchange your views and ideas on a real time basis in chatting.
  • You can participate in polls on a particular policy issue. You can participate in the poll online and give the government an idea that could help determine the effectiveness of a policy initiative. Thus, polling is a process that enables citizens to contribute to the decision-making process directly.


MyGov is a platform that offers citizens an opportunity to participate in advising the government on good governance.  It enables citizens to participate in debates to urge the government to take appropriate policy initiative.

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