Do You Know of Vahan and Sarathi?

Vahan and SarathiUnder the National e-Governance Plan, the Indian government is endeavoring to make sure that the various public services delivered by the government are done effectively, expeditiously and transparently, with minimal hassle. The Vahan and Sarathi are e-governance initiatives of the government in MMP to deliver to citizens the services under the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 and the State Motor Vehicle Rules, with appropriate changes in the core product to make it suitable for all states and union territories.

Vahan and Sarathi

These are core schemes/products for registration of vehicles and for the issuance of driving licenses. The project also covers compilation/consolidation of data pertaining to vehicle registration and driving licenses in a state in the State Register and for all states in the National Register. The objective is to improve the quality of service delivery to citizens and also the quality of work of the Road Transport Offices (RTOs).
Tens of lakhs of citizens have already benefited from Vahan and Sarathi. The role technology (platform and device) has been important in making the project implementation a success.

The objective

The objective is to enable better service to the transport department and citizens, to enable quick implementation of government policies as and when needed, and also to enable quick access to information on vehicle or DL to other government departments.
The participants in the process include the Ministry of Road Transport, NIC, State Road Transport Authorities, Banks, Citizens/Residents, Insurers, Police and other enforcement agencies.

How Vahan and Sarathi work

Vahan and Sarathi are two applications developed as independent desktop systems to computerize the operations of RTOs connected to vehicle registration and the issuance of driving license. RTOs throughout the country have been interlinked through these applications. All the data has been pooled at RTOs/DTOs level in states and at all the RTOs throughout the country via sufficient network bandwidth.
The data collected at the state level provides information for decision making. The data from the state registers is stored in the National Register (NR). The NR and SR have NICNET connectivity. The architecture of the network supports real time data copying from SR to NR.
The website has been built to enable a single point of submitting the application online for learner’s license, driving license and driving test booking in all states. Of course, different states have separate portals/websites at the state level for delivery of road transport related online services.
The website enables online services delivery associated with national permits, search for vehicles throughout the country based on different parameters and various statistical and analytical reports related to vehicles and road transport.
The data from Vahan and Sarathi applications are stored from RTO/DTO offices to SR and NR, and data from their websites are also transported to the corresponding RTO/DTO server. This enables uniform and seamless service online and via RTO offices from the area where the citizen resides.

Services offered

The services delivered to citizens include those pertaining to driving licenses, vehicle registration, online vehicle search service, service pertaining to application for/renewal of national and interstate permits and SMS based services.


Vahan and Sarathi together have led to the development of trust and confidence of common people in the authorities with regard to the issuance of licenses and permission, as well as related government approval. The procedure has become simpler without vitiating the quality of the services, , and has brought transparency in the process.



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