Govt. to employees (G2E)

Govt. to employees (G2E) is an important form of e-governance within the government as an organization. G2E connotes e-governance between governments and their employees. It is aimed to enable the authorities to manage the civil services and communication between government employees. This leads to applications and their processing virtual in e-office. Some experts consider G2E as part of G2G, while a few others assume it to be a distinct e-governance entity.


Government to Government (G2G)

The G2G model in e-governance is all about the linkage between different governments and envisages communication via the Internet between government’s organizations, agencies, and departments. The data is shared from a large government’s data pool. G2G is symbolic of government’s systems and procedures, which are significant for the effective implementation of government policies. The model entails data sharing and transactions online between individual employees, agencies, departs, ministries of the government, and other governments.  Today, as the communication becomes simpler and faster, the G2G in governance is important for the successful and efficient function.

The effectiveness of G2G gets a boost from the usage of online communication because it enables sharing of the databases and resources and a blend of attributes such as skills and capabilities. The G2G model presents information with respect to compensation and benefits policies, the civil right laws, learning and training opportunities and so on in a simple and easily accessible format online.

The principal objective of G2G model is to boost the quality of government organizations process by better and cooperation as well as coordination. A government organization is dependent on another as for effective delivery of service and allotment of responsibilities. In G2G, such cooperation and coordination are indispensable for the effective implementation of citizen welfare policies. This requires a single point access to the system.

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